Your Options For Getting Straight Teeth

Have you decided to take the necessary steps to straighten your crooked teeth? If so, know that you have some options for how to get the job done. There are several types of braces that you have to pick from when it comes to selecting braces. Here is what you need to know about brackets and plastic trays.


The most traditional option for correcting crooked teeth is braces with metal brackets. These braces are also an affordable option, even if they do not look the most appealing. The orthodontist will attach brackets to each tooth, which are connected to each other with a metal wire. Rubber bands then put tension on the brackets to help pull them into the proper position.

Metal brackets can feel uncomfortable at first because of the pressure that is put on your teeth. The metal brackets can also rub against your inner cheek and cause irritation. Many people use tricks such as placing dental wax on the brackets in order to ease them into how it feels to wear them. 

Living with metal brackets means that you need to make some adjustments to the foods that you eat, making sure to skip sticky foods that can get stuck in the brackets. Hard foods can also cause the braces to become dislodged if you are not careful. 

If you are not a fan of the look of metal braces, know that you can get brackets made out of ceramic material that blends in with your teeth a little bit better. For teenagers, you can also get fun colors that help them stand out in a good way.

Plastic Trays

The other option is to use plastic alignment trays that will gradually shift your teeth into the proper position. The nice thing about these trays is that they are hard to notice from afar due to the trays being made out of clear plastic. Plastic trays work great for making small adjustments but are not an option for when big changes are necessary. This is when you have teeth growing behind each other and require major alignment shifts.

Plastic trays can be removed temporarily during the course of treatment for eating and brushing. However, leaving them out for too long can cause the treatment to be prolonged. Many parents do not get plastic trays for teenagers because they do not trust them to leave the trays in all day long. 

Contact local orthodontic services to discuss which option is a better fit for you or your child. 

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