Follow A Proper Post-Teeth Whitening Diet Plan

Even when you care for your teeth diligently, they could end up with brown or yellow stains. Proper brushing has its limitations. If you drink a lot of coffee or indulge in any other food and beverages prone to staining your teeth, the color changes from white to something undesirable. Thankfully, teeth whitening could restore the original look. Be careful, however, about how you eat and drink in the days following the whitening. You don't want to undo the work the dentist performed.

Keeping Up With A Post-Teeth Whitening Plan

Depending on the teeth whitening process chosen, the dentist may provide a list of "banned" foods and drinks. For example, if you bleach your teeth, abstaining from colas, soy sauce, coffee, and more becomes critical in the immediate days following the procedure. To follow the dentist's advice might prove difficult. The short-term diet changes may lead to cravings. You can't fall back on old habits and choices, though. Here are some tips to follow to keep from undermining the whitening work:

Clear the Kitchen Out: If there's anything in the kitchen that can ruin the whitening, get it out of the kitchen. If you have a bottle of root beer in the fridge, the beverage presents too much of a risk. Anyone used to drinking a glass or two with dinner may find it difficult to turn down a plastic bottle staring out from the fridge. Clear out the fridge and the cabinets. You don't have to throw anything away. Give the items to a friend until the recommended number of post-whitening days pass.

Stock Up on Food: You don't want to "wing it" when trying to stay on the post-teeth whitening proper diet path. Running back and forth to the supermarket, a restaurant, or a convenience store puts you on a path to temptation. Keeping bananas and vanilla almond milk close by helps the cause.

Try Out Your New Diet Beforehand: Ask the dentist about foods and drinks to avoid before getting the whitening done. Put the diet changes into effect a week before the whitening. This way, you find the foods best suited for keeping you on course. Getting used to the new food choices and eliminating selections that don't work sets up success.

You want to see results and improvements from a teeth whitening procedure. The job isn't just up to the dentist. Do your part as well. In the end, you'll like the way your teeth look. For more information, contact dental clinics like Pinon Hills Dental.

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