Are You Having A Tooth Pulled During Pregnancy? 3 Tips To Handle The Procedure

Generally, it's best to avoid major dental work during pregnancy. However, nine months is a long time, and things can happen such as a broken or infected tooth that requires you to take immediate action. Fortunately, emergency tooth removal is safe to during pregnancy provided that your dentist takes proper precautions and you follow the aftercare instructions. As you get ready for your procedure, use these tips to take care of yourself and your baby.

Establish Communication With Your Dentist

During pregnancy, you may need to avoid heavy sedation during the procedure to protect your baby from medication side effects. However, your dentist will be able to use local anesthetics to numb the extraction site. If you have concerns about anesthesia or any other parts of the procedure, then go ahead and speak up. Your dentist can do things such as using the anesthetics in smaller amounts or giving you short breaks as you work through the extraction together.

Get Comfortable for the Procedure

The ideal time to have a tooth extraction is early during your pregnancy since you will feel more comfortable lying on your back. However, there are things that you can do at any point during your pregnancy to decrease discomfort during a lengthy procedure. For instance, women in their second and third trimester often find it helpful to use a pillow or blanket to slightly elevate one hip to avoid putting pressure on the vena cava, or the vein that carries blood between the heart and your legs. You may also prefer to use natural relaxation techniques to manage pain and anxiety such as listening to music. If so, then bring your favorite playlist along to make the extraction a slightly more enjoyable experience.

Plan a Nutritious Soft Food Diet

After the procedure, you will need to be careful what you eat while the extraction site heals. For most people, cool, soft foods are preferable such as yogurt and pudding. Since nutrition is important during pregnancy, you may need to carefully plan this diet to make sure that you and your baby get the nutrients you need during this time. Smoothies are great options that allow you to put in a variety of different fruits and vegetables to support your health.

While no one wants to deal with an emergency tooth extraction during pregnancy, you may need to address your dental health to feel comfortable and retain your overall health. Now that you know how to get through the procedure, you can prepare for your appointment with the reassurance that comes from knowing that you are ready to get through it.

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