Are You Tending To The Dental Health Of A New Foster Child?

Are you tending to the dental health of a foster child? Before your foster child was placed in your home, you were probably given health information about the child. Don't be too surprised if you find that, while vaccinations might have been given to the child, dental work might have been neglected. From suggestions relating to the foster child's first visit to the dental office to establishing home dental maintenance, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Dental Visit - When you call your family dentist to make an appointment for your foster child, whether for a checkup or for something like tooth fillings, consider sharing with the receptionist that the foster child doesn't have a lot of experience with a dentist. By doing that, it is more than likely that he or she will be given extra attention from the time he or she walks into the dental office. Of course, if you have any records that show the child's prior dental care, be sure to take that with you to the dental office. Is your new foster child nervous, even scared, about going to the dentist? If so, consider going to the examination room with him or her. However, if it is policy not to let caregivers accompany children, don't be worried. The staff is more than likely very familiar with helping kids of all backgrounds feel safe and comfortable. 

Dental Care At Home - Consider having a gentle discussion with your foster child about how important it is to take good care of his or her teeth. This could be the first real dental care instruction that your foster child has had. If you feel it's necessary, explain how foods that are full of sugar will more than likely mean that later on cavities will have to be taken care of by the dentist. Think of creating a child-friendly chart that rewards your foster child when he or she brushes and flosses his or her teeth. And, think of offering a reward for each cavity-free visit to the dentist. Consider different ways that you can to make brushing and flossing more fun. For example, buy a cute toothbrushes that play a tune while it is being used. And, think of giving your foster child an interdental flosser to use while he or she is sitting in a bubble bath. The interdental flosser might be a lot easier for the child to use than a string of floss. 

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