Dealing With A Front Tooth Chip? What To Know

If an unsightly chip has occurred on one of your front teeth and you can't hide it, you'll want to get to a dentist to get a cosmetic fix. Not only should you be worried about the cosmetic appearance, but a chip or crack can also compromise the entire tooth if it isn't treated and can lead to other oral health problems. Here are a few of the correction options you can look into to fix the chip.


A set of veneers to go over the front teeth is a solution, but you'll be treating more than one tooth if you choose veneers. The teeth will be shaved down and then a set of fake teeth are bonded over the teeth that are prepped. The veneers are ideal for someone that has a lot of damage, like chips on several teeth, and wants to have a perfectly even smile with all of the flaws covered. 

Ceramic Crown

If just one tooth has been chipped or damaged and you need to have it repaired, a ceramic crown is an ideal option. The ceramic crown will be a white covering that goes over the front tooth, and it's bonded to last. The crown isn't adhered to any other pieces, just the tooth that has the chip or the damage, so you need to have enough of the healthy tooth left to support the crown.


A permanent dental implant will be the most costly option, but would be the best solution if the chip is so large it has compromised the root of the tooth. The implant will require the entire tooth to be pulled out of the mouth, and then a new tooth is secured into the jaw bone. The implant is sized to mimic the old tooth that was damaged, so it looks like it is a natural tooth in your mouth.

If a chip in one of your front teeth has occurred and you aren't sure what to do, get to a dentist like Sunshine Dentistry to see what correction option is the most practical before the crack splits the tooth or does any other damage. You don't want bacteria getting into the chip or the chip getting larger, making it more difficult to repair. There are a lot of ways that you can chip your tooth, but choose the right way to repair it by talking with your dentist. 

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