2 Tips To Prevent Your Child From Misplacing Their Retainer

Retainers are constructed in a way that allows you to remove them whenever you feel like it. This gives your child the opportunity to thoroughly clean their mouth without the retainer obstructing parts of their teeth and gums. However, when your child removes their retainer, it is up to them to remember to place the dental device back into their mouth. Once the retainer is removed, it can easily be misplaced. If your child has not taken the proper cautions, then it can quickly become difficult to find the retainer. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that this does not happen.

Purchase a Large Carrying Case for the Retainer

Retainers come with carrying cases that are used to protect the retainer until the appliance is placed back in your child's mouth. The case is usually the size of the retainer, which can be fairly small. This makes it extremely easy to misplace. The smaller the case, the easier it is to lose. This can be avoided by purchasing a carrying case that is much larger than your child's retainer. A larger case is hard to overlook and misplace. In addition, you should look for a carrying case that is easily distinguishable in terms of color. Purchasing a case that has bright colors or characters on it will be easier to spot in a large room than a neutral-colored case.

Decide on a Designated Spot for Your Child's Retainers

You and your child should take some time to come up with a designated spot to store their retainer. This is the spot where they will always place their retainer whenever they are not wearing it. This is by far one of the simplest ways to ensure that your child's retainer does not get lost in your home. This also prevents your child from having to guess where they last placed it. If you both know exactly where the dental device should be, then you should have no trouble locating the device, instead of searching the entire house. The bathroom counter top or a bedside table are both good areas for your child to store their retainer. 

Trying to track down a misplaced retainer can quickly become frustrating and time-consuming. Therefore, use these tips to help ensure that your child's retainer does not go missing. For more retainer tips and information, talk to your child's dentist and check out the site

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