Emerging Technologies For Restoring And Preserving Teeth

Restorative dentistry is arguably entering a golden age. In the past, the ability to restore teeth after damage was limited often to mostly curbing damage rather than truly restoring full functionality. These days, there are emerging technologies that will keep your teeth in good shape no matter what.

External Stem Cells

Stem cells refer to cells in a living body that can transform into any cell that they are placed near. The body naturally produces these cells during times when the body needs to be repaired. Your teeth, in specific, often have stem cells. The issue is that the body may not have enough of them and that they may not continue to work at peak capacity as you get older.

This is all changing, however, with the advent of medical interventions regarding stem cells. It's quickly becoming possible to create stem cells that can be applied to one's teeth in order to help grow them back and restore them to functionality.  This includes roots, gums, and potentially any other part of your mouth as the treatments becomes developed.

Regenerative Tooth Fillings

There's a technology emerging that could make the need for extensive root canals a thing of the past. These are tooth fillings that can actually heal your teeth. Root canals are often a short-term solution since they weaken the infected tissue at the bottom of the tooth. These fillings use new approaches in order to get the natural stem cells within your own teeth to act, thus regenerating the damaged tissue.

When this technology comes out, you'll be able to use light to cure the filling if it starts going bad. This way, you'll be able to hold onto fillings much longer. You also won't need caps or crowns. This will reduce the cost of the work in the long run since these can be expensive.

Nanotech Fillings

Another technology that can go a long way to helping to make sure that your teeth are restored and stay that way is new materials science that uses nanotechnology in order to make it nearly impossible for bacteria to grow on your teeth. It also strengthens the tooth due to the nature of the filling. It's made of tiny particles of silver and calcium.

Nano particles of silver naturally kill bacteria. That way, the filling will restore your teeth in a way other fillings can't, by being naturally deadly against bacteria where your old fillings weren't. 

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