4 Reasons Female Celebrities Get Their Teeth Whitened

If you've ever paid attention to any television series, movie, or the cover of a magazine, you've surely noticed that the stars of Hollywood always have perfectly white teeth. While white teeth are often considered to be a necessary component of these stars appearing beautiful, have you ever wondered why? Here are four reasons why female celebrities get their teeth whitened, and how you can reap similar benefits yourself. 


This is probably a given, but most people consider white teeth to be healthy teeth. While stained and discolored teeth are often an eyesore to others, sparkling white teeth give the impression of an overall healthy lifestyle, which can impress people or leave a good impression upon others.


White teeth are also often associated with youth, which is something that most celebrities seem to be constantly pursuing. Teeth not only change colors as they're exposed to food and drink over the years but also due to simple wear and tear. As people grow older, the enamel of their teeth thins, revealing the yellow dentin underneath. As a result, if someone has white teeth, people automatically associate it with youth and vigor.


Female celebrities tend to wear makeup, and white teeth make it easier to wear a wider variety of shades and colors. When teeth are a natural shade or only slightly stained, wearing a certain shade of lip color can accentuate the discoloration, making the teeth appear worse. Yellow-toned makeup, like bronzer or lipstick with a yellow tint may accentuate the yellow color in teeth, even if they appear perfectly healthy when not wearing makeup.

The First Thing Noticed

When celebrities pose for photos, you might think that the first thing that's noticeable about them is their hair, clothing, or how much skin they're showing. However, science has shown that 58% of men notice a woman's teeth before anything else. While it's important for celebrities to look good all over, making sure that their teeth are as perfect as possible makes for a great first impression. 

Taking Their Cue

Having whitened teeth won't make you look like a celebrity, but it can improve your overall appearance. Whether you're interested in wearing a wider range of makeup colors or you just want to look healthy and young, whitening your teeth is an easy way to achieve this. For best results, talk to your dentist about having your teeth whitened professionally (by an outlet such as Advanced Family Dental Care LLC).

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