Having Root Problems With Your Teeth? See An Edonontic Professional

If you have gum disease that is deteriorating your tooth and you have severe pain in the area where the filling was, you'll want to ask the endodontic specialist about the following things in order for you to make the best decision possible. From tissue grafting to dental implants, consult your endodontic specialist about the following: 

Tissue Grafting

If the tissues around the tooth and around the root of the tooth are starting to deteriorate, you may want to have it cleaned and then have other tissue brought in. You can have a tissue grafting procedure completed to bring healthy tissue to the area, and it will attach in the space. This healthy gum tissue will protect the tooth and the root canal or implant.

Root Canal

If the dentist can remove the damaged root and do a root canal, you can still save the tooth and you won't need a full tooth replacement. The dentist will put a prosthetic root in the tooth, and then fill the tooth with a filling to eliminate further rotting and pain.

Dental Implants

If the specialist doesn't think they can repair the root or do a root canal, they may decide that you need to have a dental implant put in. This is a synthetic tooth that is attached with hardware and fused into the bone, and it's the healthiest choice for your mouth if you can't have your natural teeth.

If you have the implant put in, you may not have to worry about any future dental repairs with that tooth again. The implant can last a lifetime if it's maintained properly, and it's going to completely replace your root and tooth.

It's important that you get to the dentist right away when you think you have an oral health problem, especially pain in the root of your tooth. If you have an infection you want to get an antibiotic right away to kill the infection, and you want to have your root pain taken care of. If the professionals are telling you that you need a root canal or that maybe the tooth should be extracted, see an endodontic specialist to make sure you get the best treatment possible by an expert. Plus, an endodontic specialist can help answer any questions that you might have surrounding your oral health. 

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