Cosmetic Dentistry: 5 Unusual Dental Trends On The Rise

When most people think about the dentist, they think about unpleasant visits accompanied by fillings, tooth whitening, or other standard procedures. Although standard procedures are the most common, they aren't all that a dentist offers. A cosmetic dentist offers a variety of procedures that can re-shape, re-size, and transform your teeth into a beautiful smile – or, at the very least, a smile you are happy with. Here are five strange cosmetic dental procedures that are trending today:

1. Jewelry and Bling for Teeth

A trend on the rise in several countries is bejeweled, or jewelry-encrusted, teeth. Instead of using the popular diamond—or metal—"grill" to display jewelry in the mouth, some people are actually attaching jewelry to their teeth.

The procedure involves using a strong glue to attach jewels to the teeth. The jewels can be attached to one teeth—or all teeth. It can also involve attaching more than one jewel to a single tooth.

2. Larger Gaps

Most people think gaps in their teeth are ugly. But not all people share that view. Some people like the gaps between their teeth so much that they actually have the gap widened to create a large, more visible gap.

The procedure to widen gaps in the teeth involves surgery or dental bonding. Sometimes the teeth are filed to make the gap larger. In other situations, the dentist may use veneers or dental surgery to create a wider gap.

3. Pointy Teeth

Vampires and other mythical creatures are incredibly popular in today's world. Some people like the idea of these creatures so much, that they actually have their teeth shaped to mimic the look.

The procedure to create vampire fangs—or pointy teeth, like a shark—involves filing and shaping the teeth. The dentist will typically file the teeth down and apply veneers that mimic the look of vampire fangs. If the teeth are already somewhat pointed, the dentist may simply file the tooth into the desired shape.

4. Tattoos

Nearly everyone has seen someone with tattoos on their skin. But tattoos on the teeth? It may sound strange, but it is a fascinating new trend in today's world.

The process for creating teeth tattoos is somewhat similar to skin tattoos. The catch is that you must have a crown applied to the tooth where you want the tattoo. The dentist will use a semi-permanent paint to apply a design to the tooth. After the design is applied, the dentist will likely apply a resin coating to keep the tattoo from budging. Finally, the crown will be applied to the tooth.

5. Crooked Teeth

In America, crooked teeth are considered ugly and unwanted. But in other countries, such as Japan, crooked teeth are a sign of beauty.

The procedure for creating crooked teeth can vary, depending on the person. In most situations, the dentist will apply a tooth implant into the bone to create the extra tooth. However, the dentist may also use veneers or other methods to create the look of a "snaggletooth."

As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." So whether you want an unusual or standard cosmetic dental procedure, it is important you speak to a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist like Bristol Dental Group for information regarding your procedure.

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